The Choice Therapy Approach

This article provides an introduction to Choice Therapy. Such an approach is strongly influenced by existential psychology, reality therapy, logotherapy and the work of some self help groups. This piece shows how a practitioner Read more

The Asking What? Rather Than Why? Approach

This is a slightly controversial piece. The reason I have written it is because I have seen the negative effects of parents, teachers and others asking critical ‘Why?’ questions.

Certainly it is possible to Read more

The Recognising Where You Quickly See ‘Z’ Approach

Peak performers see the destination quickly. When entering the situation in which they excel, they quickly see the potential picture of success. They go ‘A, B … and then leap to … Z’.

The Read more

The STAGE Model Of Leadership Approach

There are many approaches to leadership. The STAGE Model covers the Strategic, Tactical, Administrative, Grunt Work and Emotional aspects of teamwork.

This model works well for leaders whose strengths lie in strategic and emotional Read more

The Spring Cleaning Your Life Approach

Sometimes it is important to have a spring clean to sort out our lives. Clutter absorbs energy.

It can be useful to refocus on the things that are really important. If you wish, Read more

The Making Complicated Things Simple Approach

This piece invites you to focus on the specific activities where you can make complicated things simple. Read more

The Helping Somebody To Follow Their Successful Style Approach

Imagine that somebody has asked you to help them to find their strengths and do satisfying work.

One approach is to use many of the exercises that enable people to clarify the specific activities Read more

The Focusing On Where You Have Self-Discipline Approach

There are many ways to find your strengths. One approach is to focus on the activities where you have self-discipline. Read more

The Designing Things That Are Simple, Satisfying And Successful Approach

This piece describes how you can design things that are simple, satisfying and successful Read more

The Clarifying Your Script For Answering Caring Enquiries Approach

Have you ever been through a crisis when people enquired about how things were going? How did you deal with the questions?

Sometimes talking with people can be helpful. But sometimes it can mean Read more