The Art of Strengths Coaching

P is for Positive Experiences

Everybody has their own way of helping people to have positive experiences. They may do this by encouraging people in their daily actions.

They may also aim to create encouraging environments that enable others Read more

C is for Making A Clear Contract With Your Team

Imagine you are a team leader. One of your first jobs will be to make a clear working contract with the team.

People must be clear on the responsibilities of both the leader and Read more

C is for Being Clear On Your Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is the tendency to look for things that reinforce our beliefs, even if the facts point in another direction. This highlights the question:

Do people believe what they see or do they Read more

E is for Focusing On Enjoyment rather than Entrapment

Looking back on your life, when have you chosen to focus on enjoyment rather than entrapment? What were the results of making this choice?

You may have chosen to spend time with people who Read more

D is for Road To Damascus Experiences

Road To Damascus experiences are those in which a person has a sudden insight that radically changes their beliefs. Whilst originally used in a spiritual context, the phrase also refers to other types of Read more

P is for Positive Memories rather than Pots of Money

Different people focus on different things in life. Some focus on creating positive memories. Some focus on creating pots of money. Some aim to get the blend of both.

Looking back, can you recall Read more

E is for Eureka Moments

When have you had a Eureka Moment? Like Archimedes in the mythological story, you may have been trying to find an answer to an issue. Then suddenly you felt: “I have found it.”

When Read more

P is for Peak Performers Who Demonstrate Paradoxes

“Are you are somebody who sees the big picture or do you pay attention to detail?”

This is the kind of question that was asked in old style job interviews. The applicant sometimes flummoxed Read more

R is for Resources, Rigour And Results

There are many ways to do good work. One approach is to start by clarifying the desired results. It is then:

To gather the necessary resources.

To be rigorous in both the preparation Read more

C is for Cultures That Range From Caring To Critical

Marvin Bower described culture as: “The way we do things around here.” What are the kinds of cultures you have experienced in teams or organisations?

You may have spent time in cultures that are Read more