The Art of Strengths Coaching

C is for Being A Creator rather than A Complainer

People can choose their attitude in different situations. They can choose to be creators, for example, and find solutions to challenges. They can also choose to just complain.

Different cultures choose to reward creators Read more

C is for The Cave And The Campfire

What is your preferred way of living and working? Are you an introvert, extrovert or a mixture of both?

Sometimes you may like to spend time in your cave to reflect. Sometimes you may Read more

C is for Clarifying What A Company Can Do, Maybe Can Do And Probably Can’t Do

Imagine that you lead a small company. How can you ensure that it focuses on what it can do brilliantly, rather than spread itself too thinly? This article describes an exercise that can be Read more

S is for Sharing Strategies For Achieving Success

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to share strategies that can help them to achieve success.

Different people share strategies in different ways. They may act as mentors, coaches, teachers, Read more

B is for Being A Builder rather than A Blamer

People can choose to be builders or blamers. They can choose to build on what people have in common or blame others.

The first route can help to create a better future. The second Read more

P is for Being Positive rather than Pressurised

Some people have a positive approach to virtually any situation. They may be embarking on an adventure, choosing a career path, tackling an illness, playing in a sporting competition or whatever. They enjoy finding Read more

D is for Being Determined To Overcome Disqualification

A person can sometimes feel disqualified. They may get the message from teachers or other significant people that:

“You’re useless. You’re no good at anything. You’ll never make it.”

Certainly a person may have Read more

P is for Positive Addictions

People sometimes choose to follow addictions. These can be physical, psychological or both.

They can become addicted to drugs, exercise, helping other people or whatever. These may produce positive consequences, negative consequences or both.

Read more

D is for The Drive To Keep Developing

People love to keep developing. They love to go through the stages of focusing on drive, discovery and development.

A person may respond hesitantly if you ask them: “Do you want to change?”

They Read more

C is for Coping Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Challenges

People develop coping strategies for dealing with challenging issues in life. Each coping strategy does, of course, have consequences.

A person may aim to deal with issues by reflecting, talking, smoking, getting angry, falling Read more