S is for Recognising There Are Virtually Always Solutions

People face many challenges in their lives. The challenges may be individual, social or global. They may be practical, psychological or philosophical.

Whatever the challenge, however, there are virtually always solutions. Some solutions may Read more

C is for The Caring Curve

What are the things you really care about? How can you translate this caring into action? What do you want to happen as a result of showing this caring? People often mention similar themes Read more

S is for Solidity And Sparkle

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is to combine solidity and sparkle. It is to do solid work and then add something special to achieve success.

People can take these Read more

D is for Deciding What You Want To Keep Doing, Start Doing And Stop Doing

Imagine that you want to explore how to shape your future. One approach is to start by focusing on your life goals.

You can then consider how to work towards these aims by clarifying Read more

D is for Deciding What Your Team Wants To Keep Doing, Start Doing And Stop Doing

Super teams encourage their people to focus on the key strategies for achieving success. They encourage people to keep doing the right things in the right way to get the right results.

As time Read more

T is for Taking Charge Of Transitions

People like to feel in control, especially when faced by the possibility of change. They want to have some influence on shaping their future lives.

This article describes how people can be helped to Read more

R is for Babette Rothschild’s Superb Work Providing Safe Trauma Therapy

Babette has helped many people to deal with traumas. Her work combines kindness, wisdom and practical tools.

She believes that safe trauma therapy aims to improve a client’s quality of life. You can discover Read more