S is for Speed, Stamina And Success

Great workers pursue their chosen strategy and also pay attention to another dimension. They aim to do things at the right speed when implementing their strategy.

Sometimes this means going relatively slowly; sometimes Read more

P is for Being Proactive

Looking back, can you think of a situation when you were proactive? You may have taken the initiative to find a job, build a relationship, lead a project, tackle a challenge, solve a problem Read more

I is for Individuals Choosing To Be Inspiring Or Intimidating

Strong individuals can choose to be inspiring or intimidating. The choice they make has consequences – both for themselves and other people.

This is a scenario I have encountered several times when doing mentoring Read more

E is for Balancing Being An Encourager, Educator And Enforcer

Imagine you lead a team. You will aim to build on your strengths as a leader, whilst compensating for any weaknesses.

There are also many leadership models you can use in your own way. Read more

P is for People Workers Who Shape A Positive Future

People workers may work in different fields but they often have a similar calling. They focus on helping people to shape a positive future. They may do this when working in education, sport, business Read more

P is for The Professional Freelancer Approach – Even If You Are A Full-Time Employee    

Great workers often choose to behave like professional freelancers. They believe it is vital to do superb work, give great service and deliver success. They behave in this way even if they are Read more

S is for Slowly Yet Swiftly

When do you go into your equivalent of the zone? When do you flow, flow and finish?

Different people describe this experience in different ways. They say things like:

I felt in my element Read more

L is for Liberating Beliefs Rather Than Limiting Beliefs

People who are positive often pursue what they believe to be liberating beliefs. They translate these into behaviour and aim to do their best.

Some gurus urge people to focus on their so-called limiting Read more

G is for Gratitude

During the past 40 years many people have researched the topic of happiness. They have asked some of the following questions.

What kinds of people are happy? What are the principles such people follow Read more

P is for Creating Your Version Of Paradise

People love to create their own versions of paradise. They may aim to do this by creating a garden, room, book, relationship, community, work place or whatever.

Christopher Alexander describes how people can shape Read more