E is for Exploration, Enlightenment And Excellence

Many people love to explore and gain enlightenment. Some want to translate what they have learned into delivering excellence. They then aim to repeat the cycle and keep developing.

For some people it is Read more

I is for Innovation Taking Place Away From The Institution

Several years ago I worked with a person who was invited to lead a traditional organisation. His brief was to shift the culture and make it fit for purpose.

The Board asked him to Read more

T is for Moving Beyond Striving And Surviving To Thriving

Looking back on your life, can you think of a time when you really thrived? You may have been doing a particular project, surrounded by positive people or whatever. What did you do right Read more

T is for Giving Tough Messages To A Team Member

Imagine you have taken over the leadership role in a team. You are pleased with virtually everybody you have inherited. But one person is falling short of the mark. It is now decision time.

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G is for The Genuine Approach To Doing Good Work  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to focus on when you feel genuine. You may then apply your gifts and do good work.

The genuine approach can take many Read more

S is for Solid Ground And Dangerous Ground

People often do their best work when they build on what for them is solid ground. They work less well when they are on dangerous ground. Let’s explore these concepts.

Solid Ground

Looking at Read more

S is for Soul Players And Star Players

Imagine you are a leader. There are many models for putting together the right people in your team.

One approach is to get the right blend of soul players and star players. The star Read more

S is for The Second Simplicity

Wise people often demonstrate the second simplicity. They get to the heart of the matter and say things that are simple yet profound. Oliver Wendell Holmes summed this up when he said:

I would Read more

S is for Slow Thinking

Good decision makers often set aside time to do some slow thinking. Why?

Fast thinking can help to generate the pieces of the jigsaw. But slow thinking may be needed to make sense of Read more

S is for Similarity Of Spirit And Diversity Of Strengths

Super teams are made up of people who have similarity of spirit and diversity of strengths. Diversity of spirit is a recipe for disaster.

Such teams start by defining the spirit they want people Read more