The Innovation Taking Place Away From The Institution Approach

Several years ago I worked with a person who was invited to lead a traditional organisation. His brief was to shift the culture and make it fit for purpose.

The Board asked him to Read more

The Moving Beyond Striving And Surviving To Thriving Approach

Looking back on your life, can you think of a time when you really thrived? You may have been doing a particular project, surrounded by positive people or whatever. What did you do right Read more

The Giving Tough Messages To A Team Member Approach

Imagine you have taken over the leadership role in a team. You are pleased with virtually everybody you have inherited. But one person is falling short of the mark. It is now decision time.

Read more

The Slow Thinking Approach

This piece looks at the importance of slow thinking. Read more

The Spending Time In Sanctuaries Approach

People often love to work hard, but they can also gain strength by spending time in their chosen sanctuaries.

Being in such places can help them to relax and see things perspective. They can Read more

The Sink Or Swim, Sideshow And Serious Plan Approaches To Starting A Business

Imagine that you want to start your own business. There are at least three different approaches you can take towards making this happen.

Let’s explore the pluses and minuses of pursuing each of these Read more

The Delivering The Scorecard Whilst Also Doing Stimulating Projects Approach

This piece looks at how to deliver the Scorecard whilst also doing stimulating projects. Read more

The Respecting A Challenge Approach

Good workers respect the challenge they face. They do this whether they are tackling a routine task, turning around a company or climbing a mountain.

Some people do not respect a challenge and ‘fall Read more

The Being Positive And Professional But Not Trying To Persuade Approach

This piece looks at how, in some situations, it is important to be positive and professional but not try to persuade. Read more

The Meeting Individuals When Taking Over A Team Approach

Imagine you are taking over an existing team. Let’s assume you have a clear brief and mandate from your sponsors.

The next step will be to meet the team members. How can you get Read more