U is for Appropriate Urgency

Great workers demonstrate appropriate urgency. They do things at the right pace on the road to achieving success.

Sometimes they do things quickly. Sometimes they take time to reflect before acting. Sometimes they put Read more

S is for Sharing Knowledge That Helps People Succeed Rather Than Trying To Sell

Looking back, when have you shared knowledge in a way that helped people to succeed? You took this approach, rather than aiming to sell something or straining to impress.

What was your role in Read more

S is for Stimulation And Solace For The Soul

How do you stimulate your soul? How do you, when appropriate, find solace for the soul?

Some activities may, of course, satisfy both needs. Doing these things may increase your strength to give to Read more

G is for Great Work And Grunt Work

How can you balance your great work and grunt work? People don’t mind doing tough jobs, providing they can see the point. But they don’t like performing grunt work that doesn’t make sense.

Let’s Read more

C is for Credibility

Over the years I have worked with many people who aimed to develop fulfilling careers. One of the key questions individuals have asked has been:

“How do I establish credibility?”

People buy success, of Read more

The Importance Of Imagination Approach

People love to use their imagination. They love to explore ideas, cultures and other ways of doing things. Imagination can take them to places that provide solace and stimulation for the soul.

People sometimes Read more

P is for Reframing Things As Projects

There are many ways to deal with events in life. On some occasions it is good to experience all the emotions. On other occasions, however, it is be useful to have a certain detachment.

Read more

F is for Focusing On Feelings And Facts When Helping People To Shape Their Futures

Good encouragers focus on both feelings and facts when helping people to shape their futures.

A doctor who is giving somebody bad news, for example, will do this in their own way. They may, Read more

S is for The Sweet Spot

Different people use different expressions to describe when things go perfectly. They may talk about being in the groove, in the zone or experiencing a sense of flow.

Sports people talk about the sweet Read more

B is for Being Creative Within Borders Rather Than Having A Blank Piece Of Paper

Different people are stimulated to be creative in different ways. Sometimes it can be useful to explore which conditions we each prefer.

Some people like to start with a blank piece of paper. They Read more