V is for Vulnerability Being A Great Teacher

Vulnerability can be a great teacher. Sometimes we learn valuable lessons about what is important in life.

Sometimes wisdom seeps into our bones and we apply the lessons in our lives. Other times we Read more

S is for Choosing To Succeed Rather Than Sulk

Everybody experiences setbacks in life. They may then need time to reflect and gather their strength. At a certain point, however, they will need to make a decision.

Looking to the future, they can Read more

P is for Being Your Positive Self

“Be true to yourself,” is the advice sometimes given to people who may be facing a decision.

This view is reinforced by many people who have written about the regrets of people who are Read more

The Enlightenment, Enterprise And Excellence Approach

This article explores how people can go through the stages of enlightenment, enterprise and excellence. Read more

L is for Leaving A Positive Legacy

People often want to leave a legacy. They often want to encourage their loved ones and help other people to be happy. They also want to pass on the fruits of their labours and Read more

M is for Implementing A Mentoring Programme In Your Organisation

Mentors are wise and trusted advisors. They share knowledge in a way that helps the mentee to achieve their personal or professional goals.

Imagine you have been asked to introduce a mentoring programme within Read more

E is for Building An Excellence Culture Rather Than An Excuse Culture

When have you encountered an excellence culture, rather than an excuse culture?

You may have visited a sports team, hospital, company or other organisation where people continually delivered high standards. What did people Read more

E is for The Enjoyable Journey Approach

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to focus on the following themes. You will, of course, follow these in your own way.


You can focus on doing work Read more