E is for The Enjoyment And Excitement Of Encouraging People  

This is a more personal article because many people have given me encouragement. They have had a strong influence on the work I have done during the past 50 years.

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P is for Asking Positive Questions That Can Lead To Positive Results

There are many ways to encourage people. One approach is to ask positive questions that help people to find answers they personally believe in. People can then translate their findings into action to achieve Read more

P is for The Positive Approach To Doing Your Personal Best  

There are many ways to do your personal best. One approach is to focus on the following themes. You can adapt these when focusing on your personal or professional life.

Being Positive

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K is for Knowing How To Manage Knowledge Workers

This article comes with a caveat. Many knowledge workers are almost unmanageable, but there is also good news. It is possible to manage the contributions of knowledge workers to achieve a compelling goal.

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I is for Being An Introvert Who Does Good Work

Susan Cain and Jennifer Kahnweiler have, together with many others, shown the valuable contribution made by introverts. David Zweig has highlighted the fine work done by self-effacing people who sometimes prefer to be invisible.

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W is for Doing The Work Where You May Be Both A Warrior And A Wizard

There are many models for finding your strengths. One approach is to identify the activities where you sometimes combine the qualities of being both a warrior and a wizard.

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B is for Being Able To Carry On With Your Life Whilst Boxing Off A Challenge

Different people choose different approaches to dealing with difficulties such as illnesses, problems or other challenges.

Some people carry on with their lives and ignore the issues. Some define the problem as a battle Read more

C is for Clear Contracting For Continuing To Improve Professional Relationships

During the 1970s I learned from many pioneers who ran programmes in family therapy. One of the key concepts they used was that of clear contracting.

They helped the family members to make agreements Read more

P is for The Positive Approach To: “This Too Shall Pass”

Looking back on your life, when have you reminded yourself of this philosophy?

You may have been dealing with pain or tackling a tough challenge. Alternatively, you may have been enjoying a special moment Read more