F is for The Five Seasons Of Life

There are many models for understanding the stages that people go through during their lives. Here is one that is based on the Five Seasons.

These seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and then Read more

P is for Positive Results Being Outcomes

There are many models for building successful teams. This article explores one approach.

People who do superb work in teams often start by clarifying the positive results they want to achieve. They clarify their Read more

W is for Wise People Who Focus On Warmth, Wants And Wisdom

There are many models for encouraging people. One approach is to follow the steps taken by some wise mentors, coaches and trusted advisors.

Such people are often warm and make people feel welcome. They Read more

R is for Managing Rome –The Centre – Otherwise Rome Will Manage You

“There are some rules for managing Rome – the centre of an organisation,” explained the leader of one department.

“Make sure you know what the centre wants, then decide if you want to be Read more

W is for Will Power And Way Power

Rick Snyder is recognised for doing pioneering work on the topic of hope. A key message is his book The Psychology of Hope is:

People feel more able to shape their futures when they Read more

N is for Focusing On Your Team’s North

There are several ways that leaders use the term North in relation to leading a team or organisation.

One approach is based on the principles of authentic living and leadership. These have been highlighted Read more

B is for Joseph Campbell On Following Your Bliss And Becoming Battle-Hardened

Joseph Campbell is best known for his writings about The Heroic Journey. After studying myths from many civilisations, he found that individuals went through similar stages towards achieving their Grail.

Exploring the trials and Read more

C is for Channelling Your Creative Addictions

Different people channel their creative drives in different ways. They may immerse themselves in encouraging other people, gardening, designing, building or doing other activities.

Some people are creative addicts and need to get their Read more

T is for T-CUP Thinking Clearly Under Pressure

T-CUP is an acronym often referred to by the sports coach Sir Clive Woodward. He used it as head coach of the England rugby team that won the World Cup in 2003 and also Read more

M is for Doing The Mandatory Things And The Magical Things

Looking at your life, what are the mandatory things you want to keep doing? You may believe it is important to care for your family, earn a reasonable wage, make a positive contribution to Read more