P is for Providing Positive Alternatives

There are many ways to offer people positive alternatives. Good mentors sit alongside a person, for example, and help them to explore the possible options for achieving their goals. They then enable the person Read more

T is for Building A Team, A Club And A Dynasty

Imagine you have been invited to lead an ailing organisation. You have met the key stakeholders and agreed on the picture of success. Your brief is:

To get some quick successes

To shift the Read more

The Clear Contracting With A Person About How To Help Them During Challenging Times Approach

Imagine you are mentoring a person who is unsure about how to behave towards somebody who is experiencing difficulties. They may not know what to do in a situation where either:

A person Read more

R is for Describing The Results You Will Deliver Before Focusing On The Resources And Roles  

Several years ago I was asked to work with a senior manager who had difficulty getting past the interview stage when applying for jobs.

Inviting them to describe their most recent interview, I Read more

The Being Able To Do Good Work By Organising Your Time In Blocks Approach

This piece looks at how you can do good work by organising your times in blocks. Read more

D is for Focusing On A Desirable And Deliverable Dream

Looking back on your life, when have you focused on achieving a desirable and deliverable dream? You may have been aiming to climb a mountain, get a job, publish a book, complete a project Read more

R is for Roots Of Empathy: Changing The World, Child By Child

Mary Gordon created Roots of Empathy. The organisation’s mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

The programme involves bringing a local baby into Read more

A is for Adrenaline Driven People

Imagine you lead a team that contains some adrenaline driven people. They love doing exciting projects that provide the buzz of adrenaline, adventure and achievement.

Sometimes they do stunning work and deliver peak performances. Read more

G is for The Generative Age And Giving To Future Generations

Different people give in different ways. Some give in an encouraging way, some in an educational way, some in an economic way. Some combine different elements of giving.

Erik Erickson, the psychologist, said that Read more