D is for Doing Your Best After A Disappointment

Don Clifton, the author of Now, Discover Strengths, was once asked about a certain person’s potential. An extremely positive person, Don was also realistic. He answered along the following lines.

“The person has strengths Read more

M is for Following Your Mantras  

People often use mantras to refocus on certain beliefs. The mantras they use may consist of single words, phrases or sounds.

People also follow personal mantras in their daily lives. They follow certain Read more

M is for Managing Your Professional World  

“Success calls for getting the right balance between managing your stakeholders, team and customers,” said one senior manager.

“People often think that climbing the corporate ladder will lead to them spending their days directing Read more

P is for The Positive Things You Want To Give People During Your Time On The Planet

People love to have a sense of purpose. They enjoy focusing on training for a marathon, building a house, climbing a mountain, leading a stimulating project or whatever.

Individuals also like to feel they Read more

O is for Focusing On What Is Important In Life By Writing Your Obituary  

Vulnerability can be a great teacher. Sometimes when we fall ill or experience a sense of loss, for example, we learn lessons about what is important in life.

Sometimes the wisdom seeps into Read more

P is for The Pause Approach To Helping People To Reflect Before Proceeding    

Many people now recognise the benefits of pausing during their daily lives. Taking time to reflect can help them to see the big picture and make better decisions. They can rehearse what they are Read more

S is for Stress Testing Your Strategies For Achieving Success

Savvy people are positive but realistic. They start by clarifying their goals. Focusing on the real results to achieve, they settle on the key strategies they can follow to achieve success.

They do this Read more