The Art of Strengths Coaching

E is for Being An Encouraging Elder

There are many ways to help people as we get older. One approach is to be an encouraging elder. It is to encourage, educate and enable other people to shape their futures.

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S is for Setting Up Things To Succeed

Superb workers set up things to succeed rather than fail. They take this step whether planning to climb a mountain, build a relationship, lead a team, tackle a project or whatever.

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R is for Radical Shifts That Bring Rewards

Looking back, when have you made a radical shift that brought rewards? You may have taken this step when looking after your health, changing your career, leading an organisation or whatever.

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E is for Feeling At Ease And Expressing Yourself

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is to feel at ease, be fully engaged and then express yourself.

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S is for The Strengths Approach To Encouraging People

There are many ways to encourage people. This approach helps people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success.

It starts by clarifying people’s picture of success. This is the case Read more