C is for Choosing To Be Caring rather than Cruel

People make choices every moment. They can choose to be caring or to be cruel, to help people or to hurt people. The choices they make have consequences, both for themselves and for other Read more

P is for Doing Positive Work That Helps People

There are many ways to do positive work that helps people or the planet. Different people choose different ways to take this path.

They may aim to encourage other people, pass on knowledge, raise Read more

P is for Pursuing Your Passion

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to start by pursuing your passion and translating this into a clear purpose.

Clarifying your picture of success, you can follow your chosen Read more

V is for Building A Values Driven Organisation

There are many ways to encourage people to do satisfying work. One approach is to build a values driven organisation.

Great organisations live their values, rather than just laminate the values. They follow their Read more

D is for Defining What You Will Actually Do To Reach Your Desired Goal

Peak performers focus on what they are actually going to do to reach their desired goal. They move from the concept to the concrete actions. They list the specific actions they will take, move Read more

P is for The Perverse Good Advice To – At Some Point – Take A Job That Is Really Painful

People are often told to follow their passion, translate it into a clear purpose and work hard to achieve peak performance. This approach can pay dividends and result in people doing satisfying work.

Read more

C is for Creating A Co-ordinated Team rather than A Collection Of Individuals    

There are many models for building great teams. One approach is to create a co-ordinated team rather than a collection of individuals. Let’s explore how this works in action.


Great teams co-ordinate people’s Read more

P is for People That Are A Pleasure To Be With Or A Pain To Be With

There are many ways to decide how you want to spend time with people. One approach is to start by clarifying the people that it is pleasurable, neutral or painful to be with. These Read more