S is for Gaining Strength By Choosing Something To Serve  

People often gain strength by choosing to serve something greater than themselves. A person will aim to serve their loved ones and they may also choose:

To serve a spiritual faith, a set of Read more

P is for Peacebuilding

The positive majority of people want to live in peace. They want to build on what they have in common and find creative solutions to challenges. They want to encourage both present and future Read more

P is for Enjoying The Feeling Of Positive Exhaustion

There are many ways to do satisfying work. One approach is to follow your passion and translate it into a specific project.

You can then throw yourself into the work, give your best and Read more

P is for People Wanting To Pursue A Purpose

People love to pursue a purpose. They love to do a worthwhile project, follow a spiritual faith or work towards achieving a specific goal. They find that having a purpose provides a structure to Read more