The Art of Strengths Coaching

D is for Doing Your Due Diligence Before Making A Decision

There are many models for making decisions. Whichever approach people take, these models often invite them to go through the following steps.

They clarify the real results they want to achieve.

They Read more

G is for Generosity Being The Stimulation For Doing Good Work

There are many motivations for doing good work. A person may be motivated by pursuing a cause, following their vocation or achieving a specific goal.

Some people are inspired by a sense of generosity. Read more

S is for Using Your Strengths To Serve Other People And Help Them Succeed  

There are many ways to encourage both present and future generations. One approach is to use your strengths to serve other people and help them to achieve success.

Different people use their talents Read more

L is For Learning From Great Leaders

How can you develop your leadership skills? One approach is to attend courses and read many books on leadership.

Another approach is to watch and interview great leaders. It is to ask them specific Read more

W is for People Having Warm Hearts, Wise Heads And Working Hands    

There are many models for developing as a person. One approach is to develop a warm heart, wise head and working hands. Let’s explore this approach.

People who have warm hearts often have a Read more

M is for Doing Something That Matters

There are many ways to do something that matters. Here are two approaches.

You can do things that you believe matter. You may aim to encourage a person, show kindness, pass on knowledge, coach Read more

C is for Concentrating On Your Core Values  

Can you recall a situation when you concentrated on your core values to do creative work or tackle a challenge? This could have been in your personal or professional life.

You may have been Read more

S is for Balancing Stability And Stimulation

People can develop by getting the right balance between stability and stimulation. The same rule holds true for systems such as teams, organisations or societies.

People enjoy having a sense of security and following Read more

F is for Finding Out About A Person By Asking Follow Up Questions  

Imagine you are going to have a conversation with somebody or you are interviewing them for a role.

The first thing you say or the question you ask will set the tone for Read more

C is for Being Confident Your Team Has The Clarity And Competence To Deliver The Concrete Results

Can you recall a time when you felt confident about a team you led? You may have been leading a team in education, medicine, sports, business or another field.

What made you confident that Read more