D is for Doing Your Due Diligence Before Making A Decision

There are many models for making decisions. Whichever approach people take, these models often invite them to go through the following steps.

They clarify the real results they want to achieve.

They Read more

F is for Finding Out About A Person By Asking Follow Up Questions  

Imagine you are going to have a conversation with somebody or you are interviewing them for a role.

The first thing you say or the question you ask will set the tone for Read more

P is for Planting Positive Seeds During Your Time On The Planet

Can you think of a person who planted positive seeds during their time on the planet? They may have been somebody you knew or somebody you have heard about.

What did the person do Read more

P is for Understanding The Picture Inside A Person’s Head

Good listeners listen for the theme in what a person is saying. They then play back what they have heard to check that they understand the picture inside the person’s head.

This approach can Read more