The Art of Strengths Coaching

P is for A Person Choosing To Pause And Ponder Before Passing On Knowledge That Helps People    

Different people choose different ways to pass on knowledge that helps other people. They may choose to encourage others as a parent, educator, coach, mentor, leader or in some other role.

Some people also Read more

C is for Concentrating On What People Can Do rather than What They Can’t Do  

There are many models for helping people to develop. Here are two approaches.

The Strengths Approach – Concentrating On What People Can Do

This approach builds on people’s strengths and concentrates on Read more

S is for Strengths, Savvy And Success  

There are many models for doing superb work. One approach is to focus on the specific activity where you have the strengths and savvy required to deliver success.

Great workers build on their Read more

C is for Having The Capability To Tackle Certain Challenges Successfully

Imagine you are recruiting somebody to lead a particular venture. They may be leading a school, digital project, crisis management team, mountaineering expedition or other mission.

Some qualities you looking for may depend Read more

C is for Custodians Of The Culture

Great organisations have people who act as custodians of the culture. The leaders act as positive models. They also have many other key people, however, who embody the organisation’s core principles. These cultural custodians Read more

P is for Sharing Positive Perspectives With People  

There are many ways to encourage people. One approach is to share positive perspectives on life. It is also to offer practical tools that people can use to follow these principles in their Read more

B is for Buying Time Before Making A Decision

Good decision makers sometimes buy time before making a decision. They do this when working as a leader, paramedic, crisis manager or in another role. When faced by a critical situation, they stay calm Read more

M is for Spending Time With Your Muses

Giulio Romano – Dance of Apollo with the Muses

What are the things that inspire you? You may feel inspired by walking in the woods, listening to music, being beside water, reading Read more

C is for Changing Behaviour By Focusing On Consequences

There are many views about what motivates people to change their behaviour. Some individuals change, for example, when they feel that doing so will bring them more pleasure and less pain.

A person must Read more

R is for The Rite Of Passage Of Learning To Take Responsibility

There are many definitions for a rite of passage. One of the most common is for a person moving from adolescence to adulthood. This ritual can take many forms.

A young person may leave Read more