The Art of Strengths Coaching

C is for Clarifying Where You Have The Capability To See Consequences  

Good decision makers have the ability to see what is actually happening in a situation. They also see the potential choices for going forwards and the consequences of each option. They then make their Read more

B is for The Ballast In Your Life

What are the things that provide ballast in your life? What are the things that feed your soul and enable you to keep doing your best?

You may gain strength from being with your Read more

S is for Surviving Setbacks By Focusing On The Things That Give You Strength

How can you gain strength to overcome a setback? Some people start by spending time in their chosen sanctuary. They may rest, sleep, write, listen to music, see a counsellor or whatever. They can Read more

S is for Inviting Team Members To Share Their Preferred Working Styles  

Imagine that you lead a team. There are many ways to encourage people to do their best.

One approach is to invite them to share the kinds of work they like doing and also Read more

R is for Rebuilding Your Team By Focusing On Who You Would Rehire  

Imagine that you lead a team. Great teams implement the right strategy with the right people in the right way.

You need people who have a positive attitude and who aim to do professional Read more

P is for The Progress Principle

There are many ways to encourage people in work. One approach is to learn from the lessons outlined by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer in their book The Progress Principle.

This is a key Read more