S is for Doing The Solid Stuff And The Shiny Stuff  

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is to do the solid stuff and then the shiny stuff on the way towards achieving success.

There are different names for this approach. Read more

P is for A Person Following Their Principles In Personal And Professional Situations

There are many approaches to living life. One approach is to clarify the core principles you want to follow. These principles can become your centre. They can provide the inner compass that you can Read more

C is for Clear Contracting  

Clear contracting plays a crucial role in both personal and professional relationships. People feel better when:

They make clear agreements with each other about what they are each going to do to reach Read more

F is for Focusing  

There are many ways that people choose to focus. These can range from being fully present in the moment to relentlessly pursuing their sense of mission. Here are some ways that people express Read more

E is for Doing Work That Is Effective, Excellent And Extraordinary  

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is for people to do work that is effective, excellent and then extraordinary. Different people do this in different ways.

Maria Montessori did Read more