S is for Satisfying Work And Squiggly Careers  

There are many ways to develop a satisfying career. One approach is to follow a specific profession and follow a relatively straight career path. Certainly this is a path that is followed by many Read more

T is for Making Transitions Between Activities In Which You Want To Be Totally Engaged  

Peak performers often immerse themselves deeply in their chosen activities. They love to go through the process of absorption, adventure and achievement. Sometimes they enter a state of flow.

This has huge benefits, Read more

F is for The Front Loading Approach To Improving Finishing

Good finishers rise to the occasion and deliver the goods when it matters. Such people often start, however, by doing an enormous amount of front loading.

This preparation can take different forms and Read more

S is for Supporting The Human Spirit

There are many approaches to helping people to develop. One approach is to focus on supporting the human spirit. One of my mentors explained this in the following way.

“We meet many people Read more

P is for Planning Properly To Increase The Probability Of Success    

During the 1960s and 70s I got the opportunity to learn from peak performers in different fields. One interesting theme that emerged was their different approaches to planning.

Some people set aside lots of Read more

S is for Sages

There are many ways to help people to develop. One approach is to learn from sages.

Different people are seen as sages in different fields. Whatever field they focus on, however, they often demonstrate Read more

G is for Grit

During the past decade it has become common to talk about the need for people to develop grit to reach their goals. The concept of grit, however, needs to be seen in context.

People Read more