The Art of Strengths Coaching

P is for Prepare As Though You Have Everything To Win; Perform As Though You Have Nothing To Lose  

There are many models for doing your best in potentially challenging situations. One approach is learn from athletes who aim to perform at their best in sports.

An athlete may spend ten years Read more

C is for Balancing Clear Thinking Time, Creative Time And Cruise Control Time    

There are many ways to manage your energy when doing fine work. One approach is to get the right balance between three kinds of time. These are clear thinking time, creative time and cruise Read more

P Is for People Who Adopt The Psychology Of Being The Pursuer rather than The Pursued

People often show hunger when they are pursuing a prize for the first time. Something can happen to their energy, however, if they win the prize and have to defend it. They sometimes Read more

I is for Improving By Tackling Inspiring Challenges Or Intimidating Challenges

There are many ways to develop. One approach is to improve by tackling inspiring or intimidating challenges.

Looking back, when have you grown by tackling an uplifting challenge? You may have followed your passion Read more

S is for The Second Empathy

Sometimes it can be helpful to show both the first and second empathy. What does this mean?

The First Empathy is being able to show that you can feel, see and experience the world Read more

S is for Helping Other People To Shine      

Most people like to succeed. Some people, however, have an even stronger desire to help others to develop. They get a great kick from enabling people to succeed.

There are many ways to take Read more