The Art of Strengths Coaching

C is for People Who Focus On Compassion rather than Only On Cash

Different people have different philosophies of life. Some people focus on compassion. Some people focus only on cash. The things that people focus on often drives their actions.

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Z is for The Things In Your Team That Are In The Green, Amber And Red Zones

Imagine that you lead a team. People are clear on the team’s purpose, principles and picture of success. They have also made clear contracts about their best contributions towards achieving the goals.

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P is for Pursuing A Relatively Predictable Path Towards Achieving Positive Results

During the past 50 years I have been given the chance to study many great workers. These have included people working in psychotherapy, education, sports, business and other fields.

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Z is for The Things In Your Life That Are In The Green, Amber And Red Zones

There are many models for checking how things are going in your life. One approach is to clarify the things that are in the green, amber and red zones.

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F is for Focusing On Friendliness, Fairness And Fulfilment

There are many frameworks for encouraging people. One approach is to focus on friendliness, fairness and fulfilment.

Good encouragers often follow these steps to support others in their daily lives and work. They may Read more