A is for The Advantage Of Seeing Things From Another Angle  

Some people gain an advantage by being able to see things from a different angle. Different people develop this ability in different ways.

People who are labelled as different relatively early in life Read more

S is for Sages Who Are Both Skipping And Serious  

Some sages seem to be skipping with joy and yet can also be serious. As they get older, they seem more able to have a sense of perspective about life.

They can be a Read more

T is for Educating Your Team To Focus On Today’s Business And Tomorrow’s Business    

Great teams perform superb work and also shape a successful future. They encourage their people to maintain today’s business whilst also developing tomorrow’s business.

This article describes one approach to making this happen. Imagine Read more

S is for The Seven S Model For Helping People To Build On Their Strengths And Achieve Success  

There are many models for helping people. The Seven S model is one that can be used to help people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success.

The model can Read more

G is for People Making Changes When They Have Something To Gain  

There are many views about what motivates people to make changes in their lives and work. One view is that people take such steps when they have something to gain.

Some people make Read more

C is for Co-ordination Being Crucial

Great organisations recognise that co-ordination is crucial. Why? Getting creative people to combine their talents can be a challenging task at the best of times. Co-ordinators ensure that people channel their efforts towards achieving Read more

P is for Playing Your ‘A’ Game

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to start by choosing to have a positive attitude. It is then to prepare properly and play your ‘A’ game on the way Read more

P is for People Leaders Being Judged By Their People’s Performance Not Their Performance  

People leaders are judged by the performance of their people. This is an obvious but often overlooked concept that can come as a profound realisation to some leaders.

A soccer coach is judged by Read more

P is for People Who Aim To Be Positive, Professional And Peak Performers  

There are many ways to do fine work. Some people take this step by aiming to be positive, professional and peak performers. They aim to do their best during their time on the planet.

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E is for Eager Beavers

There are many models for building fine teams. Many emphasise the importance of leaders communicating a compelling mission. But then it is vital to have people who get the work done.

Great teams Read more