H is for Carl Honoré: Slowness Can Improve The Quality Of Our Lives

Carl Honoré hit a chord with his best selling book In Praise of Slow. More recently he has produced The Slow Fix.

He believes that human beings can enrich their lives by doing some things more slowly. Many people have become addicted to cramming in as many activities as possible within a finite time.

Sometimes this is necessary, sometimes it is counter-productive. Here are some of the tips he gives people.

Carl Honore Tips

Carl believes it is vital to get the right balance between fast thinking and slow thinking. Fast thinking generates the pieces of the jigsaw, but slow thinking is needed to make sense of the whole picture. You can discover more at his website.



He is not against speed: some things actually need to go even faster. Many of our epiphanies, however, come from slow thinking.

This enables us to appreciate life, see things in perspective and sometimes make breakthroughs. Certainly this can bring benefits in both our personal and professional lives.

Carl also says that taking time can be vital in parenting. Slowing down can help children and parents can enjoy a better life together.

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