E is for Empathy: The Future of Humanity Depends On Empathy

Jeremy Rifkin describes how our future depends on us developing empathy.

This calls for extending our empathy to the entire human family and the biosphere.

This RSA Animation brings to life many of Jeremy’s ideas. It starts slowly, focusing on experiments with monkeys, but then builds to take in all life.

Taking us through the human journey, he explains how we are soft-wired for empathy. This enables us to co-operate, share our strengths and flourish.

He shows how empathy is based on our ability:

To acknowledge the certainty of death

To therefore celebrate the riches of life.

To support each other to flourish.

Jeremy believes we can extend our empathy:

To the entire human race.

To other species.

To the biosphere.

Human beings will thrive if we broaden our sense of identity. This involves recognising that our actions have consequences on the entire system.

Jeremy believes that developing an Empathic Civilisation will provide us with a greater chance of saving the human family and the biosphere.

You can read more about his ideas here:


Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.40.03

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