J is for Jungle Crows: Enabling Young People To Develop Through Sport

Jungle Crows is an NGO constituted in India as a Charitable Trust. It focuses on the growth and development of young people in particular through the use of sport.

Below are excerpts from its website and links to some of its videos. You can discover more via the following link.


Jungle crows


We work in many communities and at the heart of what we do is making sporting opportunity more accessible to as wider range of people as we are able.

We have no political or religious bias but will work with any organisation or community that shares our values, which are Passion, Integrity and Commitment.

We believe sport has so much to teach and gives so many benefits and should be practiced as often as is practicable.

But we also know that education and access to education is of critical importance when growing up.

Many great lessons can be taught through and with sport – so we focus on doing that, but we also support young people who play and train with us in a more formal way through scholarships and grants.



The Jungle Crows mission is to be a leading sports and social development organisation supporting children and young people as they grow and develop.

Work to be a positive influence on all around us by supporting and encouraging everyone to achieve to their full potential.


Passion – for the sport we play and the children and young people we support.

Integrity – consistent support in a positive and honest manner with those we are working with.

Commitment – to those that what to change and to grow with the Jungle Crows.



The Jungle Crows rugby team was founded in May 2004 by three friends who fancied having a game of rugby in Kolkata.

John, Gary and Paul went on to train and recruit players to field two teams in the 2004 Georgiadi Cup Sevens.

And while the story may have just ended there with a bit of a laugh, it seems the Jungle Crows were not destined to bow out quietly.

More players came and eventually after a lot of hard work a little success. We also found that although playing and training was huge fun there was more to what we could achieve with rugby.

And so the Foundation was born, but we still loved playing so we’ve carried on with that as well.

Our Men’s 15 have won the main Kolkata league trophies: Calcutta Cup and Centenary Cup and we’ve placed highly in national tournaments at senior and junior levels.

Our Women have achieved huge success winning national tournaments and playing for India.

It’s our passion and we know it can support so many futures!

Khelo Rugby & Netball

Khelo is about taking sporting opportunity to socially disadvantaged communities, most of whom would not normally have any chance to take part in any organised sporting activity.

We give children the chance to play and learn together in a safe and coach controlled environment. We work in communities where there are few if any activities available for children.

Khelo uses non-contact tag rugby and netball to do this and began in Kolkata where today 12 communities benefit from weekly coaching.

The Khelo Rugby programme is now also working with children in the Siliguri area of North Bengal, Dumka in Jharkhand and Chennai.


Khelo is not about finding the next great sporting superstars but giving children the chance to spend time with a good coach who is also a mentor who is able to support their growth and development.

Along with our sport we introduce the children to some basic key social messages that are often not taught, such as road safety, the health benefits of good hygiene, the dangers from mosquitoes, etc.

You can discover more at:



Work Force

The Jungle Crows Work Force is our own self-equipped and motivated team ready to tackle any job that we find needs doing or someone else needs help with.

We are experts at cleaning playgrounds, renovating old buildings, sorting out retirement home gardens and generally any job where a highly motivated and committed group can make a difference.

Our best tools are our enthusiasm and desire to see the job get done, while we have also been known to use spades, saws, axes and when necessary bring in a JCB!

If you have a job that needs doing and struggling to find a way to get it done, then call in the Jungle Crows Work Force.

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