Prostate Awareness 7: Meeting with Professor Mark Emberton

Positive meeting with Professor Mark Emberton. One of the leading authorities in HIFU treatment, we met at the clinic of London Urology Associates.

He embodies all the qualities of a trusted advisor. Welcoming, knowledgeable and outlining the possible ways forward.

More examinations done, but Mark underlines that we need more accurate information. The original MRI images need to be reviewed. Things also need to settle down after the original biopsy.

The successful use of HIFU calls for supreme accuracy. So, if appropriate, we will do more scans. The next appointment will be in four weeks time, at the end of June.

Meet with Ann, Professor Emberton’s excellent secretary, who helps to chart the road ahead. Am taken great care of during the visit, then released into the sunshine.

Walk down to The Arts Club and start writing. Find myself sitting near to JK Rowling.

An enjoyable day.

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