The Percentage Chances Of Success Approach

This article focuses on how you can increase the percentage chances of success when doing a piece of work. Read more

The Destination Approach

This approach involves helping a person to start from their destination. It then involves helping them to focus on their direction, do what works and do their best to reach their destination. Read more

The Overview Approach

Great workers get an overview of a situation, clarify their options for going forwards and deliver the desired outcomes. Read more

The Peak Performance Approach

This article describes how a person can focus on a specific activity where they can achieve peak performance. Read more

The Fallow Times Can Be Fruitful Times Approach

People can sometimes experience a sense of flow when doing a stimulating piece of work or project. They enjoy setting specific goals, doing superb work and achieving success.

This is a process I have Read more

The Wholistic Approach – Focusing On Wellbeing, Work And Wealth

There are many ways to focus on work. One approach is to take a wholistic view. It is to aim to get the right blend between wellbeing, work and wealth. Different people may face Read more

The Sense Of Perspective Approach

This article focuses on how people can develop a sense of perspective. Read more

The Play, Passions And Positive Results Approach

This article looks at how you can maintain a sense of play, follow your passions and achieve positive results. Read more

The Picture Of Success Approach

This article describes how you can help people to achieve their goals by focusing on their picture of success. Read more

The Craft Approach

This article explores how people can enjoy following the craft approach by focusing on caring, creativity and contentment. Read more