The Art of Strengths Coaching

B is for Big Occasions Being An Opportunity To Keep Doing The Basics And Then Add The Brilliance  

How do you approach big occasions? Do you say either of the following?

I love big occasions. They give me the chance to be at my best. I tend to take the emotion out Read more


    P is for The Positive Approach To Pursuing A Purpose  

    People love to have a sense of purpose. They love to do something they believe in and work towards achieving a stimulating goal.

    Sometimes this may involve pursuing a short term purpose, such as Read more


      C is for The Caring And Competent Model

      There are many models for understanding people and their ability to perform a role properly. One approach is to use the caring and competent model.

      Imagine, for example, that you are focusing on leaders. Read more


        C is for Channelling The Creative Mind rather than The Chaotic Mind  

        People have a great ability to find solutions to challenges. They are more likely to take this step, however, when they channel the creative part of the mind rather than the chaotic part.

        Read more


          P is for People Who Follow Their Principles rather than Worry About The Prizes  

          Different people have different philosophies of life. Each approach has both pluses and minuses. So they often aim to build on the pluses and manage the consequences of the minuses.

          Some people aim Read more


            T is for People Working Together By Focusing On The Third Side

            William Ury described one way that The Third Side approach can help people to resolve differences. You can discover more about his superb work in this area via the following link.


            The piece Read more


              P is for Making Learning Personal, Practical and Profitable

              “The learner learns what the learner wants to learn,” we are told.

              Good educators often follow this approach when designing educational experiences. They aim to make the learning:

              Personal – It must relate to Read more


                M is for Focusing On The Team’s Mission, Maintenance And Magic  

                There are many models for building a fine team. One approach is to ensure that people keep focusing on the team’s mission, maintenance and magic. Let’s explore each of these themes.

                The Mission Read more


                  D is for Drive, Delivery And Deadlines  

                  There are many models for doing creative work. One approach is to use the power of setting yourself a deadline. Taking this approach focuses the mind. Setting a deadline forces you to gather your Read more


                    E is for Excellent Teams Getting The Right Balance Of Entrepreneurs, Experts and Eager Beavers    

                    There are many models for building fine teams. One approach is to get the right balance of entrepreneurs, experts and eager beavers. This is an approach that I have seen work in pioneering companies.

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