The Accountability, Autonomy And Authority Approach

People like to set specific goals, do superb work and deliver success. Many factors affect their ability to follow this path. These include having the freedom to be creative and make key decisions on Read more

The Facilitation Approach

Imagine you have been asked to facilitate a team workshop. Your aim will be to help people to channel their energies towards achieving their chosen goals. This may involve taking the following steps.

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The Channelling Your Champ Rather Than Your Chimp Approach

Positive people often aim to channel their inner champ rather than their inner chimp. What does this mean?

During the last decade Steve Peters has helped many athletes to manage their chimp. Their chimp Read more

The Heart, Head And Hands Approach

What are the activities where you use your heart, head and hands? Your heart feels you want to do the specific activity. Your head understands what you are doing. Your ‘hands’ bring something into Read more

The Rewarding Role Approach

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is for a person to choose to go into role. They may then follow certain rules – guidelines – that they believe are likely Read more

The Managing By Outcomes Approach

Good leaders often focus on managing by outcomes rather than by tasks. They achieve this by doing the following things.

They show people the picture of success;

They invite people to make clear contracts Read more

The Similarity Of Spirit And Diversity Of Strengths Approach

Superb teams are made up of people who have similarity of spirit and diversity of strengths. Diversity of spirit is a recipe for disaster.

Such teams start by defining the spirit they want people Read more

The Managing Rome Approach

Imagine that you lead a team. Sometimes it may be challenging to manage the centre of your organisation.

Such challenges can come in different forms. If you are going to thrive, however, it Read more

The Making Learning Personal, Practical And Profitable Approach

“The learner learns what the learner wants to learn,” we are told. Good educators often follow this approach when designing educational experiences. They aim to make the learning:

Personal – It must relate to Read more

The Communicating One-To-One, One-To-Few And One-To-Many Approaches

Imagine you are a leader. Your work will probably involve meeting with individuals, small groups and large gatherings. Whilst you may follow similar communication principles in each situation, the way you express these will Read more