The Money, Meaning And Magic Approach

People want three things from work: money, meaning and magic. Money feeds the stomach. But meaning and magic feed the spirit and the soul.

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The Managing Triggers Approach

Different people have different triggers that can lead to them behaving in ways that cause difficulties. Sometimes they may manage such situations successfully. Sometimes they may fall into a downward spiral.

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The Beating The Double Bind Approach

Have you ever been in a double bind? This is a situation in which – no matter what you do – you seem bound to lose.

Double binds cause great pain in the family Read more

The Pot Fillers And Pot Drillers Approach

There are many ways to encourage people. One way is to be a pot filler rather than a pot driller. This approach is based on the work of Virginia Satir, a great family therapist.

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The Flow Approach

This article looks at how people can follow the flowing approach rather than the fearful approach. Read more

The Following Your Successful Leadership Style Approach

This article focuses on how you can find and follow your successful leadership style. Read more

The Together Approach Rather Than The Tribal Approach

This article looks at The Together Approach to life rather than The Tribal Approach to life. Read more

The Find A Need And Fill It Approach

This article focuses on the old advice ‘find a need and fill it.’ Read more

The Transformational, Turnaround And Transactional Leadership Approaches

This article looks at transformational, turnaround and transactional leaders. Read more

The Facts Are Friendly Approach

This article looks at how the facts are friendly because they help you to get closer to the truth and make good decisions. Read more