P is for Pioneers Post: Showing People Who Are Building A Better World

The video above is one of many on Pioneers Post. The web magazine is packed with articles and videos about pioneers who aim to do good work that helps people and the planet.

The video features a fireside chat with Henry De Sio, vice president for framework change at the Ashoka Organization. He suggests four qualities we can help young people to learn to enable them to shape a positive future. The four qualities are:

An innovative mind.

A service heart.

An entrepreneurial spirit.

A collaborative outlook.

Henry also introduces Ashoka’s plans to create 600 schools across the globe and empower young people to manage and lead in the face of adversity.

Tim West, the founding editor, and his colleagues at Pioneer’s Post have vast experience in the field of social enterprise. Here is some more background from its website.


Pioneers Post TV

About Pioneers Post

Pioneers Post is a web magazine and networking platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors who are building a better world through good business.


Pioneers Post is built on a decade of commitment to news, information and inspiration delivered first through Social Enterprise magazine, the world’s first magazine dedicated to social business, and then online through SocialEnterpriseLive.com.

Social Enterprise was co-founded in the UK at the beginning of the new millennium by Tim West, now founding editor of the Pioneers Post, in partnership with colleagues from the trailblazing magazine New Start, a cutting edge publication about economic and social regeneration, and with CAN, a major force for social enterprise support and growth in the UK.

Over a decade, our website, weekly e-bulletin and Twitter feed have developed a loyal readership of tens of thousands of individuals and organisations committed to doing business that creates positive social and environmental change, reaching social entrepreneurs and innovators in 60 countries.


Pioneers Post is an ambitious new web newspaper and learning platform for everyone doing brilliant business to drive positive social change – across sectors, silos and geographies.

We’re here to tell the stories of social innovators wherever you may be – in charities, corporates, public authorities or social enterprises; in small businesses, investment houses, foundations, banks, coops, NGOs or housing associations.


Reaching tens of thousands of readers and viewers every month through our website, e-newsletter, TV and social media channels, we offer news, views, advice and inspiration from the brilliant innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and thought-leaders from across the social innovation space, including:

Latest stories, deals and debate in our News and Dealspace sections.

Leadership and good practice from across business and society on Pioneers Post TV.

How to build success and value and Pioneers Post Business School.

Tell the world about your ideas on Your News and Pitch Platform.

What’s on and what does it all mean in Events and Publications.

Here is another video from Pioneers Post. You can find more at:


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