T is for Robert Thurman: Being Joyful, Even If They Kill You

Robert describes how it is vital to be positive. You are then more likely to spread happiness around you.

Some people are so full of angst, he says, that they create bad vibes around them. This does not help anybody.

It is important not to give in to the forces that have created, for example, the planetary problems.

If we become consumed by fear, we are giving in to those forces. We may then become dependent on those same people to solve the problems. But they won’t.

Robert repeats the importance of beginning with ourselves. This is the best place to start expressing a positive spirit.

Here is the official introduction to this Big Think interview.

Thurman’s advice is, that even in the midst of life’s gloom and doom, we should try to figure out how to understand things to be so joyful, that even if they kill you you’ll die happy.

You discover more about Robert’s work at:



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