S is for Sparknews: Sharing Solutions And Stories Of Positive Change

Sparknews aims to share innovative solutions. It does this through an open source and collaborative solution-based video platform and with news media. The aim is to develop what it calls Impact Journalism.

Below are excerpts from its website and some of its videos. You can discover more via the following link.


Spark News


Information about innovative initiatives and modern-day heroes have a colossal impact.

More than merely shedding light on solutions, these news stories can spark more action, giving people the desire to create change.

Unfortunately, really good solution-based initiatives are hard-to-find that need to be valued and shared.

At the same time, the journalists behind those news deserve to be honored for the quality of their work and their impact on the world.

Sparknews values the media’s ability to create and inspire action by reporting on solutions.

We seek to develop a concept we call Impact Journalism or even “Double Impact Journalism.”

FIRST impact: the media informs us against injustices and its derivatives – they alert us.

SECOND impact: the media enlightens us about existing solutions to these problems – they give us the means to act.


Sparknews has three main strains of action:

Sourcing through a collaborative video platform about innovative solutions: open-source, wide-spread, positive.

Sharing the broadcasting inspiring stories: our main project is the Impact Journalism Day (22 newspapers in 20 countries in 2013).

Promoting good practices through consulting services and interventions in public events or private seminars: CSR, innovation, sourcing services, etc.


Sharing of “best practices”

Enthusiasm without naïveté

Objectivity and goodwil


The Spark Team

We are a community of journalists, social entrepreneurs and individuals driven by common values and a shared desire to shed light on great innovative initiatives in order to spark action.

Founder: Christian de Boisredon

At 24, Christian completed the first-ever world tour around the search of grassroot initiatives.

A bestseller came out of it (L’Espérance autour du Monde, Pocket) with a wave of civic engagement from his readers.

He then initiated and cofounded Reporters d’Espoirs – Reporters of Hope – piloting the project for 4 years.

Along with Sparknews, Christian is currently producing a movie inspired by the life of M. Yunus, to be directed by P. Lloyd (Mamma Mia!, The Iron Lady

Christian was also an educator of disadvantaged youth as part of his civil service and a project leader for Engineers without Borders.

Impact Journalism Day

 20 countries. 20 newspapers. 50 million readers.

Sparknews invited the world’s leading newspapers to come together and share stories of hope, change and innovation. That’s impact.

Impact Journalism

It’s happened to nearly all of us at some point. Whether leafing through our daily newspaper, or reading it online, one story seems to jump out and make us think.

Readers today are hungry for those stories. Stories of bright ideas that spark change, both locally and globally. Change we can identify with and participate in. This is Impact Journalism.

Sparking Change

Focusing on solutions is energizing. Very quickly the good mood goes viral, the ideas get shared and developed, and the sparks start flying.

The impact can be unexpected, humbling and exhilarating. And it changes the way we think about news and newspapers.

Building A Network Of Like-minded Editors

Impact Journalism Day works through sharing. Each newspaper in the project found the most inspiring change-makers and creative innovations in their country, and offered those stories to all the other partners.

Sparknews also contributed over 20 original articles to the IJD package. Each editor created their own dedicated solutions supplements from this collaborative content.

Sharing Solutions

We all know that “bad” news must be reported. But why not report on the answers too?

Ordinary people all over the world are finding extraordinary solutions to some of the biggest problems we face.

By making sure these ideas reach the widest possible audience means they have the greatest space to grow.

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