S is for Zach Sobiech: “You don’t have to find out you are dying to start living.”

Zach’s attitude to life inspired many people around the world. Here is the introduction to this video about him.

“Every teenager believes they are invincible,” said Zach Sobiech.

“It’s not the kind of invincible like Superman; it’s the kind of invincible like, ‘I’ll see you in five months.'”

Zach didn’t have five months. He died of cancer on 20 May 2013, shortly after his 18th birthday.

This film gives us a glimpse of Zack’s indomitable spirit, enormous capacity for love, and quiet courage as he approached the end of his life – and the profound impact of his empathy and grace on those he was about to leave behind.

Zach’s mother Laura created the book Fly A Little Higher. This is a testament to his life and lessons he gave to us. Here is what Katie Couric, the journalist, says about the book.

FlyALittleHigher - cover

Once in a blue moon, you meet someone who changes you. Though I never met Zach Sobiech, his grace in the face of a devastating prognosis was a beautiful thing to witness.

The fact that his mother, Laura, and entire family were able to accompany him on his journey with such strength and courage (not to mention love and laughter) is a powerful lesson, not about dying, but about living.

You can discover more about Zach’s life and Laura’s book via the following link.


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