G is for Arvind Gupta: Turning Trash Into Toys For Learning

The video above shows a talk Arvind gave at TED.

In it he describes how he uses local trash to teach science to children in India. He also helps them to make Read more

S is for Zach Sobiech: “You don’t have to find out you are dying to start living.”

Zach’s attitude to life inspired many people around the world. Here is the introduction to this video about him.

“Every teenager believes they are invincible,” said Zach Sobiech.

“It’s not the Read more

V is for Chad Varah: His Work With The Samaritans

Chad was an Anglican clergyman who founded the Samaritans in 1953. Suicide was illegal at the time and he felt something could be done to help people in distress.

In the video Read more

H is for Edward Hallowell: Enabling People To Shine

Edward, who is known as ‘Ned’, is a child and adult psychiatrist. You can discover more about his work at his web site.


In the video he explains several themes Read more

S is for The Strengths Coaching Approach

There are many approaches to helping people to achieve their goals. The strengths coaching approach aims to help people:

To build on their strengths.

To set specific goals.

To achieve their picture Read more

E is for Existential Psychology

“We are our choices.” Jean-Paul Sartre.

“Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day.” Albert Camus.

“Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the Read more

H is for The Humanistic Psychology Approach

Humanistic psychology was considered to be the Third Force in psychology when it became popular from the 1940s onwards.

One force was Behaviourism. This saw human beings as strongly moulded by their conditioning. People Read more

V is for Peter Vidmar: Getting A Perfect 10

Peter Vidmar won a Gold Medal in gymnastics at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Looking back at how his event was scored in those days, he describes the steps people took to score the Read more

B is for Richard Bolles: Helping People To Do Satisfying Work

Richard Bolles has helped millions of people to find fulfilling work with his ground-breaking book What Colour Is Your Parachute?

First published in 1970, it pioneered the way for many books on job search. Read more

A is for Sylvia Ashton-Warner: Her Pioneering Approach In Education


The link above takes you to one of the few interviews with Sylvia Ashton-Warner.

Sylvia was a gifted but complex teacher who worked with Māori children in New Zealand from the 1940s onwards.

Read more