M is for MakeChangeTV: A Web-TV Platform For Social Innovation

Julie Tran founded MakeChangeTV. The organisation aims:

To explore and showcase innovative and sustainable projects that solve urgent needs around the world.

The video above highlights just one of the projects shown by Read more

C is for Candy Chang: Making Cities More Emotional

Candy is an artist who is passionate about exploring how our public spaces can help us make sense of our lives.

In the video above she talks about a project called ‘Before I Read more

T is for Setting The Tone When Taking Over A Team

Imagine you are taking over a team. In the old days leaders were given 100 days to make their mark. Nowadays people make judgements more quickly. Let’s assume that you have already done three Read more

F is for Piero Ferrucci: The Power Of Kindness And Beauty

Piero has spent much of his career helping people to live fulfilling lives. In addition to working as a psychotherapist, he has written books on many strength-enhancing themes.

The titles of these books tell Read more

G is for Elizabeth Gilbert: The Gifts You Have Are On Loan To You

Elizabeth’s talk on TED has been seen by millions of people. The author of Eat, Pray, Love has gathered much praise for honesty about the creative process.

Deep into the talk comes Read more

B is for Big Picture Education Australia: One Student At A Time

Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) is a non-profit company aiming to stimulate vital changes to Australian education.

It aims to do this by starting innovative and successful schools and changing the conversation around education. Read more

K is for Daniel Kahneman: Personal Memories And Peak-End Theory

Why do people react differently to what appear to be similar experiences?

Certainly it has a lot to do with their attitude. But it also has much to do with how they interpret Read more

T is for Tides: Supporting Positive Social Change

Tides was started in 1976. Since then it has worked with individuals and institutions committed to positive social change

Here is some background. This is taken directly from the organisation’s site.


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E is for Bengt Elmen: Decide Your Destiny

Bengt says the cerebral palsy that has been with him since birth has shaped his life. But for good, not for bad.

Rather than be limited by what it took away, he embraces the Read more

D is for Archie Duncanson: Publishing ‘Ecology Begins At Home’

Ecologist Archie Duncanson set his heart on being a writer when he was a boy. Disappointed by his teenage attempts at fiction, he gave up.

Then, driven by his passion for the environment, Read more