R is for Focusing On The Results Rather Than The Running Commentary

Peak performers focus on the specific results to achieve and cut out irrelevant noise. This sounds easy in theory, but it can be harder in practice.

Observers, critics, bosses, the press, bloggers and many Read more

R is for Resilience

There are many models for developing resilience. This article explores some approaches to developing this quality.

Resilient people develop the inner strength, strategies and skills to overcome setbacks. Managing such challenges can sometimes provide Read more

P is for Photographic Memory

There are many ways to find your strengths. One approach is to focus on the specific activity where you have the equivalent of a photographic memory.

The golf champion, for example, recalls the exact Read more

P is for Positive Scripting

Some people develop positive scripts. They say things like:

“I can make things happen,” rather than, “Things happen to me.”

“I can tackle this challenge,” rather than, “This is too big a problem.”

“I Read more

P is for Protecting A Culture By Focusing On The Purpose, Principles And Professional Standards

Good leaders get the right balance between being an encourager, educator and enforcer. This sounds tough, but is sometimes necessary.

Such leaders encourage and educate the team members. They are also prepared to enforce Read more

P is for Pattern Recognition

There are many ways to find your strengths. One approach is to clarify the specific activities where you see patterns.

Pattern recognition is one of the keys to peak performance. People who see patterns Read more

E is for Gathering Experience, Making Sense Of Experience And Passing On Experience

There are many models for understanding how people share knowledge with others.

Life is often a process of gathering experience, making sense of experience and passing on experience. Let’s explore how you may follow Read more

L is for Building Great Leadership Teams

“Great leaders are not well rounded,” said Tom Rath of the Gallup Organization.

“They often build great leadership teams, however, that are well rounded.”

Imagine you are a leader. Let’s explore how you can Read more

P is for Your Physical, Psychological And Philosophical Health

How do you rate your present state of health? There may be several aspects to consider, such as your physical, psychological and philosophical health.

We all want to care for our wellbeing, but sometimes Read more

N is for Never Walking Past A Quality Problem

A Managing Director taught me the meaning of the phrase Never Walk Past A Quality Problem.

Sitting in the reception area of his company’s offices, I saw him park his car and begin walking Read more