The Protecting A Culture Approach

This piece describes how you can protect a culture by focusing on the purpose, principles and professional standards. Read more

The Passing On Experience Approach

This piece looks at how people can gather experience, make sense of experience and pass on experience. Read more

The Employing People Who Are Positive, Professional And Peak Performers Approach

This post looks at how to employ people who are positive, professional and peak performers. Read more

The Using Numbers To Get To The Heart of The Matter Approach


Imagine that you are facilitating a coaching session for an individual, team or organisation. Sometimes people may talk a lot around an issue.

One way to get to the heart of the Read more

The Memory Of The Future Approach

This piece looks at how some people have a memory of the future. Read more

The Mentee Making Good Use Of Mentoring Sessions Approach

Good mentors are wise and trusted advisors. They pass on knowledge in a way that helps the mentee to achieve their personal or professional goals.

Mentors are now used by many people in organisations. Read more

C is for Émile Coué: The Power Of Positive Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is an instrument that we possess at birth, and in this instrument, or rather in this force, resides a marvellous and incalculable power. Émile Coué

Émile was born in 1857 and helped many Read more