A is for Altruism

This article provides an introduction to Altruism. It explores how people express kindness when faced by challenges.

Samuel and Pearl Oliner have devoted much of their lives to studying humanity at its best. Their Read more

F is for Roger Fisher: His Work On Negotiation

Roger Fisher made a great contribution to peace. Known for his books on negotiation such as Getting To Yes, his obituary in the Economist described him as a ‘lawyer, teacher and peacemaker.’

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The Making Physical, Psychological And Philosophical Changes Approach

Imagine you are a leader who wants to transform a culture. How can you get some early wins on the road to delivering success? One approach is to learn from individuals who make changes Read more

R is for Carl Rogers: The Person Centered Approach

Carl’s name is known to everybody who has done a counselling course. Today it is hard to realise how revolutionary his ideas were in the 1930s and 40s.

In the video above Carl describes Read more

The Getting Work By Going Out And Helping People To Succeed Approach

The world of work continues to develop. This can provide challenges for people who may lose their jobs as events unfold. Certainly this can be true during a recession. Different people may then act Read more

The Doing Fulfilling Work And Finding Funding Approach

This piece looks at how to do fulfilling work and find funding. Read more

The Doing Positive Things During Our Time On The Planet Approach

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to focus on doing positive things each day.

This calls for going beyond positive thinking. It calls for doing. People sometimes say, for example:

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The Being in Your Element Approach

This post looks at when you are in your element – at ease and yet able to excel. Read more

The Decision Making Authority Approach

This piece looks at how people can clarify their decision making authority. Read more