C is for Co-ordinating People’s Strengths

Super teams are special. They start by building on their strengths and clarifying their picture of success.

They pursue a clear strategy and perform superb work. They find solutions to challenges and do whatever Read more

O is for Being Able To Observe Ourselves Objectively From The Outside

Looking back on your life, can you recall a time when you were able to hover above an event involving yourself and see it from outside?

You may have been tackling a challenge, suffering Read more

O is for The Organic Approach To Encouraging People

The organic approach aims to develop the seeds that are already within people. It focuses on when people, teams and organisations come alive and perform brilliantly.

The approach encourages people to build on their Read more

G is for Gold Medal Mentality

Looking back at your life, have you ever met somebody who has had a gold medal mentality? They may have been a gardener, teacher, chef, athlete, architect, dancer, professor or whatever.

Looking at the Read more

A is for Appreciative Inquiry

There are many models for helping people, teams and organisations to develop. Appreciative Inquiry is one of the most effective. It is based on what works.

The approach starts by inviting people to Read more

F is for The Fulfilment Model And The Factory Model

There are many philosophies about the purpose of life. The philosophy that a person – or a society – embraces influences how they relate to people. This article looks at two different approaches.

The Read more

A is for Altruism

This article provides an introduction to Altruism. It explores how people express kindness when faced by challenges.

Samuel and Pearl Oliner have devoted much of their lives to studying humanity at its best. Their Read more

O is for Giving Somebody The Opportunity To Succeed

People want to develop, but sometimes they need the chance to use their talents.

Looking back on your life, can you think of somebody who gave you a realistic but stretching opportunity to succeed? Read more

G is for Don Greene: Helping People To Perform Under Pressure

Don helps performing artists, athletes and others to perform at their best – even when under pressure. A deeply compassionate person, his work embodies the qualities of profound simplicity.

Many people will have heard Read more

F is for Roger Fisher: His Work On Negotiation

Roger Fisher made a great contribution to peace. Known for his books on negotiation such as Getting To Yes, his obituary in the Economist described him as a ‘lawyer, teacher and peacemaker.’

Read more