S is for Soul Work And Salary Work

What is your soul work? What is your salary work? How can you do more of your soul work and, if appropriate, earn a salary? Let’s explore these themes.

Soul Work

What are the Read more

P is for People’s Motivation

There are many models for understanding people’s motivation. This article explores how they may be driven by the following factors.

Personal Values

They may be driven by their personal values, their beliefs or what Read more

P is for Philosophy, Principles And Practice

Different people have different approaches to life. Some people focus on their philosophy, principles and practice. They take the following steps to clarify how they want to translate their aims into action.


People Read more

P is for Doing Things At The Right Pace

Some things need to be done slowly. Some things need to be done quickly. Some things need be done at different paces at different times.

Looking back, when have you done something at the Read more

G is for Doing Good Work After Hitting Gold

Different people behave in different ways after working hard and hitting a seam of gold. The way they behave can determine their future.

Some people keep working and follow the good habits that helped Read more

H is for The Habits Of Happiness

What can you do to make yourself happy? What can you do to make yourself unhappy?

Many people know the answers to these questions. A person may say, for example:

“I can make myself Read more

P is for Performance Not Just Potential

During the past 50 years I have learned a lot from sports coaches who use aspects of positive psychology.

Beginning the week’s training before a match, for example, they encourage the players to give Read more

S is for Setbacks As A Springboard To Success

Several years ago I worked with a soccer manager and we were discussing Tom, a rising star. The manager said:

“Tom is talented. He is outstanding for his age, but we don’t know how Read more

R is for Responsibility

There are many ways to try to understand people. One approach is to focus on the extent to which a person takes responsibility for shaping their future life.

Imagine you are interviewing a Read more

C is for Calm Contributors

During my work with soccer coaches I came across many models for recruiting players. One approach was to find calm players who could spread this feeling throughout the team.

Since then I have applied Read more