R is for Being Resourceful rather than Resentful  

People love to feel in charge of shaping their futures. There are many situations, however, where some of the quotes attributed to Epictetus remain true.

It’s not what happens to you, but Read more

C is for Pursuing Your Craft

What are the things you really care about? You may care about encouraging people, creating beautiful things, solving certain problems, passing on knowledge, helping people to succeed, building a better world or doing another Read more

F is for The Art Of Facilitation

Imagine you have been asked to facilitate a team workshop. Your aim will be to help people to channel their energies towards achieving their chosen goals. This may involve taking the following steps.

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W is for The Wholistic Approach To Wellbeing, Work And Wealth

There are many ways to look at work. One approach is to take a wholistic view. It is to focus on getting the right blend between wellbeing, work and wealth. Different people may face Read more

P is for The Positive Realist’s Approach  

Positive realists have a positive attitude but they are also good at reading reality. They demonstrate this quality in the specific activity in which they excel.

Going into a situation, they clarify the Read more

P is for People Making A Positive Contribution During Their Time On The Planet  

Imagine that you want to make a positive contribution during your time on the planet. There are many ways to explore this theme.

Viktor Frankl, for example, encouraged people to focus on what they Read more

S is for Styles Being Supportive Or Sapping

Different people have different styles of behaving towards other people. These styles can range from being supportive to sapping. The style they use can have consequences for themselves and other people.

Some people have Read more

D is for Drive, Decision Making And Delivery

Great workers keep focusing on their drive. They ask questions similar to those posed by the Gallup Organization and career coaches when shaping their futures. These include the following.

What Are The Read more

W is for The Win-Win Approach

There are many ways to try to solve differences. One approach is for people to aim to – as far as possible – get win-win solutions. These are more likely to achieve long term Read more

M is for The Mission, Maintenance And Magic Approach

People love to have a sense of mission. They love to feel they are contributing towards achieving something worthwhile. This can provide a sense of meaning to their lives and work.

Good leaders encourage Read more