Choosing To Be Positive

This section focuses on people who act as positive encouragers.

It also provides practical tools and exercises that people can use in their own ways.

H is for HopeBook Inc: Providing Hope For Young Cancer Patients

HopeBook Inc, is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young cancer patients. The video above gives an introduction to one of the organisation’s projects.

Below is another Read more

K is for Daniel Kahneman: Personal Memories And Peak-End Theory

Why do people react differently to what appear to be similar experiences?

Certainly it has a lot to do with their attitude. But it also has much to do with how they interpret Read more

E is for Bengt Elmen: Decide Your Destiny

Bengt says the cerebral palsy that has been with him since birth has shaped his life. But for good, not for bad.

Rather than be limited by what it took away, he embraces the Read more

S is for Symphonia For South Africa: Partner For Possibility Programme

The video above describes some aspects of the Partner for Possibility approach expressed by Symphonia. Here are some extracts from the organisation’s web site.

Symphonia for South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Read more

A is for Axiom News: Producing Journalism That Gives People Hope

Axiom News publishes stories that focus on people’s strengths and provide positive ways forward.

Here are some details about their work. These excerpts are taken directly from their web site.

WHY WE’RE HERE Read more

F is for Peter Fenwick: The Art Of Dying Well

Peter is a neuropsychiatrist. He and his colleagues have done extensive research into the actual process of dying.

This involved listening to over 1,000 people who were experiencing the process. They found Read more

G is for Sam Goldstein And Robert Brooks: Resilience In Children

Sam Goldstein and Robert Brooks have written many books on resilience. This article gives an introduction to their work. You can discover more at their web sites.

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S is for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: His Writing And Legacy

Antoine is best known for his fable The Little Prince. Many people have also been inspired by his other books, such as Flight to Arras, Night Flight and Wind, Sand and Stars.

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T is for Kathleen Taylor: Learning From Working With The Dying

Kathleen has spent more than 20 years working as a counsellor in hospices. When asked about her work, she says she loves her job.

Why? She enables people to tackle this final Read more

G is for Gadadhara Pandit Dasa: Finding The Important Things in Life

In a down-to-earth way, Pandit describe his journey to finding a sense of humility. Here is some background from his web site.

Gadadhara Pandit Dasa (also known as Pandit) is a monk, lecturer Read more