Choosing To Be Positive

This section focuses on people who act as positive encouragers.

It also provides practical tools and exercises that people can use in their own ways.

W is for Jerry White: Survivor Corps And Steps To Overcoming Life Crises

At the time of writing Jerry White is Deputy Assistant Secretary in the United States Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. Jerry was twenty years old when he lost a leg to a landmine Read more

T is for Robert Thurman: Being Joyful, Even If They Kill You

Robert describes how it is vital to be positive. You are then more likely to spread happiness around you.

Some people are so full of angst, he says, that they create bad vibes around Read more

L is for Life Vest Inside: Kindness Creating Positive Change

Orly Wahba founded Life Vest Inside to spread kindness around the world.

She chose the name after hearing about the tragic death of 7 year old girl she knew. Soon afterwards she was travelling Read more

K is for Kindness UK: Promoting, Sharing And Uniting Kindness

Kindness UK believes that every day should be filled with kindness. Its aim is to promote, share and unite on this basis.

Below are excerpts from its website. You can discover more Read more

W is for World Savvy: Helping Young People Become Global Citizens

World Savvy helps students to develop qualities and skills that enable them to thrive and be good global citizens.

Young people learn how to develop their critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork. They also learn Read more

C is for The Constellation: The SALT Approach To Building On Strengths

The Constellation is a Belgian NGO working around the world to stimulate and connect communities. It encourages people to build on their strengths and develop their own solutions to challenges.

The video Read more

U is for Michael Ungar: Developing Resilience In Children

Michael has helped many parents, teachers and children to learn about resilience.

He is the author of a regular blog in Psychology Today. This is called Nurturing Resilience: Raising children to be competent and Read more

P is for Steve Peters: Helping Athletes To Succeed

Steve Peters has helped many athletes to perform at their best.

You can learn more about his approach from this TEDxYouth@Manchester talk he gave in November 2012.

Steve enables athletes to recognise and manage Read more

G is for Girls On The Run: Channelling The Joy Of Running

Girls on the Run is a remarkable programme that has reached 700,000 girls.

It has enabled many to be active and enjoy healthy lifestyles. It has also helped them to learn skills that they Read more

S is for Stories For Hope: Young Rwandans Overcoming A Violent Legacy

Stories For Hope is led by Patricia Pasick Ph.D, a psychologist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She works with a team from the University of Michigan and local NGOs in Rwanda. Here are excerpts from Read more