Choosing To Be Positive

This section focuses on people who act as positive encouragers.

It also provides practical tools and exercises that people can use in their own ways.

W is for World Savvy: Helping Young People Become Global Citizens

World Savvy helps students to develop qualities and skills that enable them to thrive and be good global citizens.

Young people learn how to develop their critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork. They also learn Read more

U is for Michael Ungar: Developing Resilience In Children

Michael has helped many parents, teachers and children to learn about resilience.

He is the author of a regular blog in Psychology Today. This is called Nurturing Resilience: Raising children to be competent and Read more

G is for Girls On The Run: Channelling The Joy Of Running

Girls on the Run is a remarkable programme that has reached 700,000 girls.

It has enabled many to be active and enjoy healthy lifestyles. It has also helped them to learn skills that they Read more

S is for Stories For Hope: Young Rwandans Overcoming A Violent Legacy

Stories For Hope is led by Patricia Pasick Ph.D, a psychologist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She works with a team from the University of Michigan and local NGOs in Rwanda. Here are excerpts from Read more

P is for Kristin Powers: Facing Possible Huntingdon’s Disease

Kristin believes in enjoying life and passing on a heartfelt legacy. Here is the official introduction to her talk at TEDxTEEN.

Kristen Powers has always refused to believe that a person needs a car, Read more

H is for Phil Hansen: Embracing Our Limits Can Enable Us To Be Creative

In this video from the Sustainable Brands Conference, Phil describes how he embraced his greatest fear. Here is the official introduction to the video

In his moving talk, artist Phil Hansen describes how he Read more

D is for DoSomething.Org: Young People Delivering Positive Change is an organisation that channels the energy of young people under the age of 25.

Anybody over that age is considered an old person. But, of course, older people have something Read more

M is for Dennis McCullough: Slow Medicine For Our Aging Loved Ones

Dennis has spent over 30 years working with people who are approaching the end of their lives.

He is the author of the book My Mother Your Mother. In it he describes what Read more

W is for We The Change: Inspiring Young People In Kenya

Soiya Gecaga founded the “We the Change” Foundation in Kenya. It focuses on providing hope and opportunities for children who grow up in poverty.

Soiya was born in Nairobi. After an education Read more

S is for Andrew Solomon: Nurturing Children Who Feel Different

In the video above, Andrew describes the genesis of his book Far From The Tree. You can discover more about the book on the website.

Andrew describes parents who have encouraged children who Read more