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The Beating The Double Bind Approach

Have you ever been in a double bind? This is a situation in which – no matter what you do – you seem bound to lose.

Double binds cause great pain in the family Read more

The Pot Fillers And Pot Drillers Approach

There are many ways to encourage people. One way is to be a pot filler rather than a pot driller. This approach is based on the work of Virginia Satir, a great family therapist.

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The Class Act Approach

“They are a class act,” is a phrase used to describe somebody who consistently performs brilliantly and also adds that touch of class.

The singer produces a memorable encore. The victor behaves generously, whilst Read more

The Pioneering Approach

Pioneers focus on something they feel passionately about where they have the ability to do great work. They may be following their vocation, doing a creative project or tackling a specific challenge.

Such people Read more

The Taking Control Approach

People like to feel in control. They like to feel able to take charge of shaping their future lives. Sometimes they can experience difficulties, however, if they feel things are beyond their control.

A Read more

The Win-Win Approach

There are many ways to try to solve differences. One approach is for people to aim to – as far as possible – get win-win solutions. These are more likely to achieve long term Read more

The Generous Guide Approach

This approach involves being generous and sharing guidance in a way that helps people to achieve their goals. It is one I saw in action early in my career. It was embodied by some Read more

The Coordination Approach

People use different models for building great teams. Whatever model they use, however, it is vital for to coordinate people’s efforts towards achieving the picture of success.

Coordinators are great orchestrators and make things Read more

The Positive Leadership Approach

There are many models for leadership. Let’s consider one of these approaches.

Good leaders are often like good parents. They are positive and predictable. They also enable motived people to achieve peak performance.

Difficult Read more

The Right Strategy Approach

Great teams implement the right strategy, with the right people in the right way. This is more likely to produce the right results.

Imagine you are leading the team you work in at the Read more