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The Beliefs, Basics And Brilliance Approach

There are many ways for people to do that they do best. One approach is for them translate this into doing what they believe in, do the basics and add the brilliance.

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The Shapers, Spine And Specialists Approach

There are many models for building superb teams. You may start by making sure you have people who embody the team’s spirit and have certain strengths.

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The Pacesetter’s Approach

Pacesetters take the lead, maintain the lead and extend the lead. This article focuses on how you can continue to do pacesetting work. Read more

The Culture Handbook Approach

This article focuses on how to shape a culture by using the culture handbook approach. Read more

The Foundations, Framework And Fulfilment Approach

There are many way to help people to do fulfilling work. One approach is to get the foundation right and then provide a framework that enables people to find fulfilment. Read more

The Drive, Discipline And Delivery Approach

Great workers often focus on their drive, follow certain disciplines and deliver the goods. This article explores how you can do this in your own way. Read more

The Second Simplicity Approach

Wise people sometimes pass on a legacy that embodies the second simplicity. They get to the heart of the matter and explain things in a way that is simple yet profound. Oliver Wendell Holmes Read more

The Principles Driven Approach Rather Than The Personality Driven Approach

Great organisations often follow the principles driven approach rather than the personality driven approach. Read more

The Money, Meaning And Magic Approach

People want three things from work: money, meaning and magic. Money feeds the stomach. But meaning and magic feed the spirit and the soul.

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The Managing Triggers Approach

Different people have different triggers that can lead to them behaving in ways that cause difficulties. Sometimes they may manage such situations successfully. Sometimes they may fall into a downward spiral.

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