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The Generous Guide Approach

This approach involves being generous and sharing guidance in a way that helps people to achieve their goals. It is one I saw in action early in my career. It was embodied by some Read more

The Coordination Approach

People use different models for building great teams. Whatever model they use, however, it is vital for to coordinate people’s efforts towards achieving the picture of success.

Coordinators are great orchestrators and make things Read more

The Positive Leadership Approach

There are many models for leadership. Let’s consider one of these approaches.

Good leaders are often like good parents. They are positive and predictable. They also enable motived people to achieve peak performance.

Difficult Read more

The Right Strategy Approach

Great teams implement the right strategy, with the right people in the right way. This is more likely to produce the right results.

Imagine you are leading the team you work in at the Read more

The Clear Contracting Approach

Clear contracting plays a crucial role in both personal and professional relationships. Keeping promises helps to build confidence. People are then more likely to trust each other and work together to achieve future success.

Read more

The Professional Freelancer Approach

Great workers often choose to behave like professional freelancers. They believe it is vital to do superb work, give great service and deliver success. They behave in this way even if they are full-time Read more

The Three Waves Approach To Shifting A Culture

Imagine you are a leader. You have been given the authority to do whatever is necessary to shift an organisation’s culture. Some leaders invite the employees to change, but this seldom works.

Another approach Read more

The Choices And Consequences Approach

People experience both successes and setbacks. The ways they choose to respond to these experiences can have a profound effect on their futures.

A person who achieves a success can celebrate for a Read more

The Caring Approach

People can choose the approach they take in life. They can choose to pursue the caring approach or the callous approach. This section focuses on how you can continue to take the caring route. Read more

The Radar, Repertoire And Results Approach

Great workers have good radar in the activities where they excel. They seem to know what will happen before it happens.

Al Siebert, author of The Survivor Personality, called this gift personal radar. He Read more