W is for Diana Whitney: Her Work On Appreciative Inquiry

Diana believes in studying human systems when they are at their best. She then enables people to follow the life principles that work and fulfil their potential.

Working with David Cooperrider, Diana co-authored the first book on the topic called Appreciative Inquiry: A positive revolution in change.

AI is a positive method for helping organisations develop. It has a track record of enabling both public and private organisations to achieve ongoing success.

The approach starts by inviting people to define the particular topic they want to explore. They may choose to focus on topics such as:

How can we work well together?
How can we enable our young people to flourish?
How can we develop successful new products?
How can we tap into the creativity in our organisation?
How can we find solutions that – as far as possible – benefit all the stakeholders?
How can we build a superb organisation?
How can we combine our strengths to build a sustainable community?

Depending on the particular topic they want to explore, AI invites people to focus on when they have performed brilliantly in that area. It invites them to clarify what they did right then and how they can follow similar principles in the future.

People then follow the 4D cycle that goes through the stages of Discovery, Dream, Design and Delivery. In the original model the fourth stage is called Destiny. This is to signify that delivering the goals is more than an end in itself.

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Diana is a very caring, thoughtful and effective facilitator. She is President of The Corporation for Positive Change. This is an international consulting firm specialising in the application of Appreciative Inquiry. As its web site says, this helps:

To resolve the most pressing challenges of our time.

In fields ranging from health care to education; from peace-building to business; from community development to government, Diana coaches executives and their teams in support of organization culture transformation, strategic development and leadership capacity building.

You can discover more about Diana and The Corporation for Positive Change at the links below. They translate the strengths approach into action and enable people to achieve ongoing success. In the video below Diana describes the principle that what we focus on we become.


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