P is for Kristin Powers: Facing Possible Huntingdon’s Disease

Kristin believes in enjoying life and passing on a heartfelt legacy. Here is the official introduction to her talk at TEDxTEEN.

Kristen Powers has always refused to believe that a person needs a car, money, legality, or a job to make a difference in this world.

In 2003, when Kristen was just nine years old, her mother was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, an incurable brain disorder that causes the victim to lose his or her ability to walk, talk, think or reason. It eventually leads to death.

As Kristen began to regain her footing and adjust to the reality of her mother’s illness, she received a second blow.

After doing some research, Kristen discovered that she and her brothers have a 50% chance of inheriting the same disease that their mother would die of in January 2011.

Kristen decided that this uncertain timeline on her life would not prevent her from achieving her wildest dreams.


In her freshman year, Kristen created the Chapel Hill High School Green Tiger Campaign, a sustainability program and garden that has received recognition from Parade Magazine’s All-American High School Service Team, Family Circle Magazine, DoSomething.org’s Green Your School Competition and the White House.

Now that Kristen has recently turned 18 (the legal age to be genetically tested), she has started her new venture.

She is creating a documentary following her genetic testing for Huntington’s disease, as well as the challenges youth are faced with while living with this disease.

Currently in the fundraising and production phase, Kristen’s documentary fundraising campaign raised $10,000 for Twitch in nine days.

She hopes that this documentary will spark a national conversation about a disease that has often flown under the radar.

As many people now know, Kristin tested negative for the disease. But this has not stopped her campaign. Below is a trailer for the film she is making to raise awareness of genetic diseases.

Kristin encourages people to recognise that every moment is precious and we can all give a positive legacy to the world. You can learn more at her blog.


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