H is for Phil Hansen: Embracing Our Limits Can Enable Us To Be Creative

In this video from the Sustainable Brands Conference, Phil describes how he embraced his greatest fear. Here is the official introduction to the video

In his moving talk, artist Phil Hansen describes how he coped with finding himself with a severe case of the shakes after sustaining nerve damage.

As an artist, he had made his living with his hands but now found himself unable even to hold a paintbrush.

When he sought advice, his doctor replied, “Embrace the shakes.”

That suggestion spurred Hansen to experiment with an incredible array of alternative media and tools for creating art which opened his eyes and his technique in ways he never would’ve achieved without the disability.

“We must first be limited in order to become limitless,” he said.


You can learn more about his approach and work at his website. Below is another video of him in action.


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