Prostate Awareness 4: Researching Options, April 14

Researching Options

Spoke with an old friend who had radical prostate surgery five years ago. He went the specialised Harley Street route. The care was good. The surgery went well and he is satisfied with the results.

Continue to research options. Lots of different opportunities. Some more promising that others. Here are two different headlines spread over two weeks.

HIFU ultrasound hope for prostate cancer

Here is summary from the NHS about the new treatment for men with early stage localised PC. The programme still in development. Looks good, but more research needed.

The new treatment, say the authors, is less aggressive and able to target the cancer site rather than the whole organ. In this respect, it is similar to treatment for other malignancies, such as localised breast cancer (where a lumpectomy is now an alternative to mastectomy).

They say that in a previous study they had used HIFU to destroy one half of the prostate where the cancer was situated. But they point out that only one in five men have disease in one half of the prostate only. Their new study looked at whether HIFU could be used for treating cancer at specific sites within the prostate.

In other news. Prostate Surgery Does Not Help says the headline two weeks later in The Independent. This says that radical prostate surgery has no positive impact on survival rates. News not welcomed by surgeons.

More things to explore with Mr Jha.

Dr Patrick Walsh

Watched the video of Patrick Walsh, one of the world’s leading prostate surgeons. Wonderful man to watch. Embodies all the qualities of a Trusted Advisor. Great with his views on how you spot talent in potentially great surgeons.

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