Prostate Awareness 3: Letting People Know, April 14

Sending A Message

My work involves meeting a lot of people in teams and organisations. Frequently this involves focusing on the routes they can take towards achieving their picture of success.

They are bound to hear about what I will be doing over the next few months. So decided to send them the following email. We can then get on with doing our work together.

Prostate Awareness and Projects

Hi Folks,

Please excuse the Round Robin email, but wanted to give some background re health.

Have been fortunate enough to get an early warning to embark on treatment for ‘the man thing’ – prostate cancer – a project. Fortunately caught at an early stage.

This has inspired me to start another project – a blog which will go live in around a month’s time. The title will be:

* The Positive Life.

It will share stories about people who are choosing to live the positive life by aiming:

To be positive.

To do positive work.

To help to build a positive planet.

I have been lucky to have annual health checks. Have a super consultant, who insists I will be around to hassle people until a ripe old age.

I will carry on working as normal for the next month or so, then will embark on the chosen treatment. Will be interesting.

As you can guess, have explored many of the options. If anybody has relatives who may have similar experiences, here is the link to a super site that has the info. Very well explained.

As I said, will continue writing, working and aiming to give to people.

If anybody tries to treat me with kid gloves, I will treat them with boxing gloves.

And, when we meet, I will as ever, say that I am choosing to be superb that day. Which I will be. And will ask how you are choosing to be.

So let’s go on with the positive life.

Look forward to hearing your stories of people who are choosing that route.

Now taking bookings for the next fifteen years.



Got lots of positive responses. So can now get on with the projects.

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