Prostate Awareness 2: The Project Continues, April 12

Meeting Mr Jha for the News on April 12

People ask me ahead of time how I feel about waiting for the results. I tend to be rather detached when looking at my own situation.

This is partly because I am not particularly afraid of death. Nor do I think I exist. (That takes a lot of explaining.) But have also researched the various options regarding what to do if there is a cancer.

Great if I have five years to live. Then can get on with doing more writing and trying to give to people.

Mr Jha says the results are back. He hands them over. There is a cancer in one side of the prostate. Gleason score of 7. But made up of 4:3, which spreads more quickly than if made up of 3:4.

Mr Jha says that he is confident we can tackle it, however, and I should live to a ripe old age. The next steps to be an MRI and Urinary Tests to get a full picture. Then he says: “We can sit down and have a chat.”

He recommends that I research the various treatments. For example, the work done by Chris Eden at The Prostate Cancer Centre in Guildford.

Ask him about the HIFU  high intensity focused ultrasound – Treatment. This has been publicised recently and shown excellent results. The research has only been done over 12 months, however, and they would like more volunteers.

Mr Jha says it will be important to look at all the options. Most will involve radiation, surgery or drugs. He will give his views, but it will then be up to me to make the choice.

Book a time for the MRI. This will be followed 8 days later, on May 10, by the consultation meeting with Mr Jha. We shall then agree the way forward.

Driving home, decide to write a blog about The Positive Life. Will be about the positive things happening in life. Will also include the prostate journey as a small part of the blog.

Have always been better at fighting for things, rather than fighting against things. Prefer to fight for something positive, rather than against something negative. So will fight for life, rather than against illness.

Since the 1980s have been teaching and writing about the medical approaches to illness. For example, the approaches of people such as Penny Brohn, Norman Cousins and Carl and Stephanie Simonton. Here are some links.

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