S is for Symphonia For South Africa: Partner For Possibility Programme

The video above describes some aspects of the Partner for Possibility approach expressed by Symphonia. Here are some extracts from the organisation’s web site.


Symphonia for South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with a vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society.

We lead and initiate projects that are intended to engage South Africans in processes of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is ‘Alive with Possibility!’


Our Story

Our company name was inspired by a story from the book The Art of Possibility written by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander. 

‘Symphonia’ literally means the sounding together of voices and this is the ethos of our work and our vision for this country. 

Engaging people in their work and enabling people to live remarkable lives starts by creating opportunities for all the voices to be heard (Symphonia). 

When the Zanders visited South Africa in the late 1990’s, they found:

“South Africa, the embodiment of Symphonia, the sounding of all the voices together. A living, breathing entity” (The Art of Possibility, p191). 

It is our intention to ignite a sense of Possibility into this ‘living, breathing entity’ through the work that we do.

The distribution of the brand new DVD South Africa: Alive with Possibility is one of the projects Symphonia for South Africa will use to mobilise citizens and communities to become actively involved in creating a country that can make everyone a winner.

The DVD uses the model of possibility thinking, as developed by the well-known motivational speakers Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, who made themselves available as ‘instruments of possibility’.

The hope is that it will be shown in classrooms, boardrooms, school halls, community centres, police stations – wherever citizens gather. 

That this will create the space for groups of people to have a conversation about their role in creating a country that works for all.

People who have seen the DVD say that they have been inspired to think differently.

It gave them hope for the future and helped them to see what they could do.

The Partner for Possibility
Programme In Action

Yeoville Community School in Johannesburg is part of Symphonia for South Africa’s large scale social change programme called School @ the Centre of Community (S@CC).

Principal Martha Mente in 2012 was partnered with business leader Jennifer Taylor in a Partnership for Possibility (PfP), the flagship programme of Symphonia’s S@CC programme.

The partnership’s success was recently documented as an insert on eTV’s Kaelo Stories of Hope.


Life-changing partnerships:
and business leaders

Louise Van Rhyn is the founder of Symphonia.

As mentioned earlier, this a group of organisations committed to sustainable transformation in people, teams, companies, organizations and communities throughout the world.


Through Symphonia, Louise works to mobilize citizens to become actively involved in addressing the education crisis facing South Africa.

In this deeply personal and moving talk from TEDxCapeTownED 2012, Louise talks about her experience as a partner with a school principal, humbly sharing the hard lessons she had to learn.

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